Tell your story through your clients

Create innovative campaigns that transform your industry through organic content created by your fans.

  • Generate engagement and a community of ambassadors: Keep your community active, participating and motivated. Most purchasing decisions are based on the creation of an emotional connection with the consumer.

  • Be a disruptive brand and market leader: Hitsbook allows marketing managers to create interactive brand experiences and collect data, which is essential to efficiently direct future communications.

  • User Generated Content (UGC) influences the purchase decision, even more than the results found on Google.


  • 1. Brand Safety

    Strengthen the reputation of your brand and manage the content that the participants upload and see.

  • 2. Leads

    Generates a database of the participants with names, emails and verified mobile devices.

  • 3. Guaranteed participation

    Ensure a minimum level of participants to launch the campaign, with our community of creators.

  • 4. Rights

    Have the intellectual property and image rights to use it in any media, time and for the purpose you want.

Success stories

Aygotuber de Los 40 Aygotuber de Los 40

A casting for more than 50,000 listeners. The winner became the new voice of "Los 40" Spain.

I Love Cerdo Sabroso I Love Cerdo Sabroso

Original recipe contest for cookers and good food lovers.

Hungry for your Ideas Hungry for your Ideas

A 360 degree digital campaign that searched to find the entrepreneur of the year in Mexico.